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I decided to start this blog for two reasons. I love to tell stories, and I wanted to create an online presence for Displaced By Design. I created this brand in 2018 before I understood what Displaced By Design could become. At the time, I created Displaced By Design to connect culture, stories, and sustainability through design and community. Through conversations I have had with others over the years I've realized that we all have more in common than we realize. Some of us share the same experiences, dreams, and even insecurities.

Out of insecurity, shame, and fear I’ve hidden from my truth and my story in fear of being rejected. For me, life became more about craving outside validation and seeking others’ approval to determine my own worth. I found myself disconnected from who I am and who I could become my truest self. It wasn’t until a year and a half later I discovered there is strength in knowing I wasn’t the only one seeking a real connection with my most authentic self. Knowing I was not alone gave me the confidence I needed to repair mistakes I have made, and use that blueprint as a way to define who I am.

With Displaced By Design I want to influence people to embrace their story, it’s the only one we have. Our message is to live with the intention to find meaning in every experience, interaction, and decision. Living with intention means living a better and more fulfilling life that's full of meaning and purpose. By joining the Displaced community you remove all that does not bring peace and joy into your life. We are all uniquely designed and created to experience life differently, the choices we make are how we chose to express ourselves much like the journey we go through to get to self-fulfillment is ours. No one else’s.

This mission was created to reach beyond cultural differences, race, ethnicity, background, gender, sexual orientation, past mistakes, in order to build a community for people to come together and express themselves freely as their most authentic self. Displaced By Design represents the pursuit and embrace of a better and more fulfilling life, through your story. Every life is different and born into its own special set of circumstances. That makes every story unique. Too often as humans, we judge someone for the life they live, and not by the quality of their life.

From day one my purpose for Displaced By Design has been to create a community for people to come together, share their story, be their most authentic self, and not be judged. Through growing Displaced By Design, I’ve begun to understand how afraid of living my truth and being rejected has delayed self-validation and accepting myself for who I am. Once I started to accept myself and live my life authentically Displaced By Design stopped being a t-shirt company.

Creating Displaced By Design’s meaning has given my life purpose. However, it’s not just about me, it’s about using my life experiences to uplift humanity. My hope is that by doing so, each person I impact will uplift the people around them until we are all whole. We are uniquely designed and experience life differently. We should embrace that. We should not compromise ourselves for validation from others. We have all become Displaced in our lives, at some point. Understand your story belongs to you, and no one else. Own yours and every decision you make. You’re where you belong.

Join the Displaced.


  • It has been a joy watching this brand grow and I look forward to continuing to follow its journey. The products are quality and the design is impeccable.

    I appreciate the details shares above and am excited to hear more!


    Mitchell P.
  • Beautifully written!

    Mike L.

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